Whether you are a beginner starting out with woodturning or a fellow machinist with years of experience under your belt, I am certain that I can help you make the right purchasing decision. I’ve spent a lot of time using at least 5 different brands of Lathe myself over the course of 15+ years, from Wen’s to Powermatics.

For Lathes that I have not personally used, I have taken the time to interview my friends at our local Woodturning Club in Kansas City who have also spent over a decade in the shop using a lathe.

I hope that with my experience and insight into Wood Lathes, I can help you pick a fine lathe that will take you through this adventure and lead to countless creations, memories, and friendships! Down below is a list of all the posts I have written for guides and reviews for purchasing Wood Lathes.

Do note that I will only write and recommend lathes which I either have personally used, or have a trusted friend who has used. I am not currently paid to write for any particular Lathe manufacturer (wouldn’t that be awesome though!) and to help support this blog, I make a small commission if at all you decide to purchase a wood lathe through my link. Of course, it will not cost you anything extra and would help me write more content and keep paying the bills for this blog. So, without further ado, here is the list!

P.S. do consider bookmarking this page for the future as I will keep adding more helpful buying guides for you to make an informed purchasing decision.

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